In my 19 years of experience, I have come to realize that for many people the idea of trusting someone with their personal struggles and life issues can be very scary.  It takes courage to reach out for professional help when life's challenges are more than you can handle on your own. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone outside your immediate circle of family and friends. You may be stressed about your marriage, children, family, relationship, job, health, or finances. Maybe you have suffered a severe trauma or loss. Perhaps you have a tough decision to make and need some guidance. All of these issues can be addressed in therapy.
Helping others has been my life's work. Professional training and education, coupled with a vast array of personal life experiences, gives me the wisdom and compassion to connect with clients in a therapeutic way.  I see you as a person on a life journey toward meaning and happiness, not as a problem list. This work is a privilege for me.  A healing relationship with a compassionate therapist can provide you with the safety, support and guidance you need to create lasting change in your life. 
Individual Family, and Couple therapy are the modalities I use to help clients regain their ability to handle daily life stressors and emotional problems.  I have extensive experience helping people with a variety of life challenges that include the treatment of:
        Relationship issues
      Low self  esteem
       Work related issues
       Grief and loss
      Problem solving 

Individual, Family,
Marriage, and Couple Therapy

Elizabeth Fadale, LMHC
New York State
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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